About Octet Technologies


We are CCTV Camera Service Providers In Mysore

For us quality is not just about following regulatory standards, it’s about systemic prioritization of focus on quality, by every employee, for every decision.

From upstream manufacturing changes to post-sales support, we Provider CCTV camera Services and  committed to the continuous quality improvement and implementing initiatives that enable Pelco to deliver reliable products, services & support that add value to your business.


Operating for over 7 years


Done Services


Customer rating

“At Octet Technologies, customer satisfaction is everyone’s number one Priority”

Quality Policy

We strive for quality in everything we do

Providing outstanding solutions, products, and services

Ensuring a consistent experience worldwide

Honoring and delivering on our commitments

Complying with industry requirements

We view every decision through the lens of the customer

Communicating proactively and transparently

Giving precedence to customer satisfaction above other priorities

Listening with humility and acting on our customers’ feedback

We make Voice of Customer the backbone of the products and solutions we create

Addressing customer issues professionally

We drive a High Performance Culture

Our managers lead by example

Our people enjoy autonomy and develop sound accountability processes

We plan, control, and relentlessly improve our approach through business process excellence tools and methodologies

We recognize and share best practices and attitudes

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